Want To Know How To Impress A Girl Through SMS?

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The date was amazing. She is fun, witty and gentle and you are impatiently looking forward to meeting her again. Each new encounter with a lady brings some special excitement that is unachievable in another way.

You have her phone number and you are seriously thinking about enjoying some SMS flirtation. This is a great way to tease each other, to have fun and to remind her of your existence. SMS romance, however, comes with its rules and specifics.

Do you know how to impress a girl through SMS communication? It takes some wittiness and common sense. I can do it, which means that anyone can. Being overly enthusiastic about something can interfere with your performance. A fun, sweet SMS will be enjoyable, 10 messages in a raw will turn into annoyance.

KISS – Keep It Short and Sweet

KISS is one of the most important rules that journalists follow but in that instance the abbreviation stands for keep it short and simple.

The shorter your text message is, the better. You will make her wonder and you will stimulate her imagination if you are just hinting towards something. A gently erotic message will usually be received better than an open provocation.

“Thinking of you” is a short and sweet message that will make her smile. There is no need to add details and explanations, she will understand you. When it comes to romance, a few words will convey all the emotional nuances you are going through.

Keep It Specific

An SMS that worked for your ex-girlfriend may be inappropriate for the lady that you are currently interested in.

Good text communication is situation-specific. It will be a lot easier to turn back to old, tested and well-received short messages. Yet, this girl is very different from the ones you used to date in the past.

You know her style of communication and you know what she finds funny. Use this information to your advantage. The only way to provoke a response to your SMS is if you are referring to something that she mentioned or something that she likes.

Witty is Better than Gushy

You cannot express love and passion through text. Such emotions need to be experienced when you are together.

The best and most impressive text messages are witty and probably funny. You want to make her happy. Trying to pour your heart out via your cell phone is usually considered bad taste. When you come to think about it, a Shakespearean SMS is more likely to confuse her than to fall in love with you.

When you are learning how to impress a girl through SMS, you should try to be really witty. Instead of messaging the things that come to your emotional mind, take some time and think about it.

Do Not be Available 24/7

As already mentioned, bombarding her with text messages will be inappropriate. Wishing her a nice day in the morning is ok. Sending her another SMS 10 minutes later is not.

Being constantly available and looking at your phone every five minutes is simply going to show her that you are desperate. Desperate is anything but attractive. Ladies prefer confident men who are in control. By being available all the time you are letting her be in charge of the situation.

This said, it will be rude to simply ignore her when she texts you. Answering back with a message or calling her for a five-minute conversation once a day will be fun for both of you. There is simply no need to obsess about it.

Text messages are an indirect form of communication that can be fun, especially in the beginning of a relationship or your romantic involvement with a lady. Just like any other aspect of romance, SMS communication has some rules. Follow those in order to make it enjoyable for both of you.

Girls enjoy signs of attention. Let her know that you are thinking about her. Court her, although this sounds like a such old-fashioned term that has nothing to do with text messaging. Have fun with it and refrain from worrying if she has not responded in the next five minutes. She may be thinking of you but being simply incapable of answering back at that moment.

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