Text Her to Date Her: How to Impress a Girl on Phone

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Texting - How to impress a girl on phoneWe live in a cell phone world (yes, the internet is popular too)- everyone has one and some people don’t even have a land line anymore. As a result, our phone habits have changed. It’s no longer mandatory to call a girl after you’ve gotten her number – you can text her instead. Learn how to impress a girl on phone by texting her in the right way.

Why should you text as a way how to impress a girl on phone? People love to get texts, especially girls. Texts are much shorter than a phone call, so you can get your message across quickly. There are no awkward pauses in a text, but you and the girl can have more time to think before responding. Texting is also much faster and more fun than email.

When texting, remember that the secret of how to impress a girl on the phone is to use proper language. No silly abbreviations, please.

Stick with short messages that pique her curiosity and guarantee you a text back. Understanding to impress a girl on the phone with a text means to say something interesting with a bit of mystery, like “You won’t believe what I just saw!” or “I’m eating the world’s most delicious pad thai, you have got to try this!” Start a conversation with her and soon enough you will be texting back and forth with her. Don’t overdo it, though – be the one to end it with a quick “I’ll talk to you soon!” Learn how to impress a girl on the phone by leaving her wanting more. Don’t make her get tired of your texting.

You’ll see how to impress a girl on the phone by texting her at the right times. The best time to text her for the first time is right after you meet her and get her phone number. Text her a short message that reminds her of who you are and cements yourself in her mind. It should be funny, light, and short. Then after a day or two, text her again with an interesting message leading to a short conversation and then a date. After your date, text her that night or that morning to pay her a compliment. You could say, “You looked great and I can’t stop thinking about that dress you wore,” or “I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight, tell me a bedtime story?” Another great way how to impress a girl on the phone is to text her when she’s at work. Who doesn’t like to get a fun text in the middle of a boring day at work?

how to text a girl

However, sticking to only texts isn’t a good way how to impress a girl on the phone. Mix it up – throw in a few phone calls here

andthere and be sure to fit in a few meet-ups and dates. Texting is a way how to impress a girl on the phone, but it isn’t the only way. As you get to know the girl more, you should try talking on the phone more and more and use texting less and less. If the girl you’re texting is younger than 30, social media such as facebook is a good way to stay in touch.

After a few dates, you should continue trying new things to learn how to impress a girl on the phone by texting. Send her texts with flirty messages. If you’ve already taken your relationship to a sexual level, you can bring your texting to that level as well. Make her miss you and prepare her for a hot date by adding sexual but playful innuendoes in your texts – that’s a great way how to text a girl.

Even though texting is a good way how to impress a girl on the phone, there are several texting mistakes that men make when texting. Don’t text and say something boring, like “How are you doing?” This is an immediate turn-off for girls and they’ll probably ignore your text or text back something equally boring like “Nothing much, you?” Please – that’s not how to impress a girl on the phone. The second mistake is to over text a girl – remember, mix up your communication with her with texts, phone calls, meet-ups, and social media. The last mistake is to not flirt while texting. Always keep it light and funny and flirty – that’s how to impress a girl on the phone.

In all, if you’re struggling with how to impress a girl on the phone, try texting. It’s shorter, more fun, more immediate, people love them, and you have more time to think about your responses. If you follow all the tips, you will understand how to impress a girl on phone through texting with some practice.

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