Learn How to Pick Up Girls Anywhere, Anytime!

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how to pick up girls!Good-looking, available girls are everywhere around you. Don’t limit yourself to looking for girls at a bar, although that can be a good place to pick up girls. Learn how to pick up girls at any location and at any time of the day.

How to Pick Up Girls in a Bar

We’ll start with this location, since it is the most common place for men to pick up girls. A simple way how to pick up a girl is to say “Cheers!” and hold up your drink to a girl you’ve got your eye on. This immediately shows her that you’re a fun and easygoing guy and makes you more familiar than a stranger.

Try to make a bet with a girl at a bar. The bet can be very simple, as long as it keeps a connection between you and her going all night long. Make the bet light and silly and she’ll be keeping tabs on you all night long – what a great way how to pick up girls.

You could start a game, such as Tic-Tac-Toe or Hangman, with a girl just to break the ice. This could be turned into a bet as well – whoever wins buys the other person a drink.

Another way how to pick up girls at a bar is to blurt out something a little louder than normal that will entice a girl to interrupt your conversation with someone else and to jump into the conversation. You could say something like, “Trust me, all girls do this!” That will make a girl wonder what you’re talking about and approach you.

Read on to find out how to pick up girls at other locations.

How to Pick Up Girls on the Street

Ideally, when I say “on the street,” I mean somewhere that’s bustling with activity, like a music festival or an arts & crafts booth fair – these are great places to try these techniques to learn how to pick up women.

Use the situation to your advantage. Start a conversation with a girl about someone or something that’s around you both. Maybe someone’s wearing a really weird outfit. Or maybe there’s a cute dog that’s wearing a tutu. Share that with a girl and then you’re in a conversation with her.

For some men, using a gimmick as a way how to pick up girls can be effective. You could try using a survey to approach girls or ask her to help you form a human pyramid with your friends. Whatever you decide on, it should involve her and give you a reason to talk to her.

How to Pick Up Girls at the Mall

Girls go to the mall to shop and to hang out with their friends. Use these two things to your advantage when learning how to pick up girls at the mall. In a clothing or shoe store, you could try asking a girl for her opinion on an item that you’re considering. If she’s shopping with a group, you could ask everyone in their group what they think as well.

Another way how to pick up girls at the mall is to compliment someone on their style. Don’t say that they look good – tell them that they look creative or artistic. People like to hear things like that.

How to Pick Up Girls at a Coffee Shop

A coffee shop is a relaxed environment where people are reading, writing, or surfing the internet. It can be a great place to use your knowledge of how to pick up girls. One way is to be direct – you could simply walk over to a girl and tell her that her energy or vibe is really great and you just have to get to know her.

Or you could set up an “accident” that causes her to interact with you. You could bump into her or sit in her seat when she goes to the bathroom or think she’s someone else. She’ll be surprised by the situation and a conversation will happen between you and her naturally.

Another way how to pick up girls at a coffee shop is to smile at a girl sitting at another table. Glance over to her a few times and have some eye contact. This builds up a spark between the two of you before any words are spoken. Make she she’s looking back – this means she’s interested too. Then you can approach her or let her approach you.

Don’t limit yourself to the bar, although it can be a good place to use techniques how to pick up girls. Go out to interesting places, meet interesting girls, and have interesting conversations with them. That’s the best way how to pick up girls.

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