How to Talk to Girls: Follow These 3 Simple Steps

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How to talk to girls: follow these rulesYou see a cute girl and you walk up to her. She turns and looks at you and smiles. It’s going great so far. You open your mouth and then… nothing. She laughs and turns away. Or worse, you talk to her like she’s one of the guys and she enjoys it, but puts you in the friend zone immediately. The skill of how to talk to girls requires you to do three things: make statements instead of questions, take control of the conversation, and have conversation topics ready. Read on to learn how to talk to girls in a way that makes them attracted to you!

How to Talk to Girls: Make Statements, Don’t Ask Questions

Many men fall into the conversation trap known as the Interview Mode. They keep on asking question after question after question. What’s more, the questions are boring and the girl has heard them all already.

“What do you do for a living?”

“Where did you grow up?”

Ugh – DO NOT ask these questions. That’s not how to talk to girls. Instead of asking wimpy questions, make statements that show your observations of her and lead to a good conversation. You could say statements such as:

“You look like you work in the arts.”

“You don’t seem like you grew up around here.”

Making statements show that you have opinions and that you’re not afraid to state them. What’s more, girls love to hear what others think of them. They will either feel good about your assumptions about her or get into a debate with you about these opinions. Either way, you’ve got an exciting conversation going and the girl is focused on you. Learn how to talk to girls by having opinions and stating them.

Next, you’ll learn how to talk to girls by taking control.

How to Talk to Girls: Take Control Of The Conversation

how to talk to women?

You’ve read this again and again – girls like guys who can take the lead in life, whether it’s dancing, driving, or deciding where to go for a date. A conversation is the same – a girl will like it if you take control of the conversation.

First, talk to her in a confident way. Don’t hesitate or stammer – these all are wimpy moves and they make you seem like you’re grasping for straws. You have to believe that you’re in control in order to take control. Tease her as you talk. Don’t be mean, but be playful. Understanding how to talk to a girl requires you to listen to her carefully to find things to tease her about.

Another WRONG way how to talk to girls is to compliment her too much. It makes you look weak and desperate for her approval. Especially don’t talk about her looks – her eyes, her body, her lips. She’s heard it all before.

Learn how to talk to girls by being just a little bit aloof. Tease her and laugh with her, but don’t make it too obvious that you’re interested in her. If you do, she’ll lose interest. Girls like to “convince” you to like her, so let her work just a little harder to win you over. That’s how to talk to girls to make them attracted to you.

Read on to learn more tips about how to talk to women in a conversation.

How to Talk to Girls: Have Conversation Topics Ready

Don’t be caught stuck in a conversation about an unsexy topic, like house decor. Remain in control by having great conversation topics ready to use so your conversation continues to be stimulating and exciting. Learn how to talk to girls by learning which conversation topics to use.

Your conversation topics should help you form a connection with the girl so you can relate to each other. The topics should also encourage emotional feelings so she’s more invested in the conversation. It’s a great idea to choose conversation topics that will naturally lead the conversation to your great qualities that you want to convey to a girl. Last of all, your topics should lead to sexual tension, either through touch or talking. These all are great ways how to talk to girls.

Some possible conversation topics include music and food – because who doesn’t have opinions about these two things? Travel is another great conversation topic. You could discuss your traveling experiences, which invoke good memories and thus good emotions AND show her that you’re a worldly guy if you’ve traveled in the past.

Know how to talk to girls by talking about the past and the future that bring up emotional discussions. Talk about early childhood memories and future goals. If you want to get deeper, you could discuss obstacles you’ve overcome and ask her about her unusual experiences.

If you want to learn how to talk to girls and stay in a light, engaging conversation without getting too deep, you could observe the people around you and talk about them. Pop culture is another great topic.

Follow these tips and you’ll know how to talk to girls in a way that makes them attracted to you. PRACTICE how to talk to girls and soon enough you’ll be getting phone numbers left and right. And as a result, you’ll be more confident and get more dates. You can now see how talking to girls in the right way can pay off – so go and practice these skills!

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