How to Kiss a Girl: Before, During, and After the Kiss

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how to kiss a girl, 3 phrasesLearning how to kiss a girl is a very important skill for any guy to acquire, because to a girl, how you kiss is a taste of how you are in bed. If your first kiss with a girl goes badly, she will probably lose interest in you (this is not always true). If your first kiss is awesome, she will be even more interested in you. Read on to learn how to kiss a girl – what you need to do before kissing, during kissing, and after kissing.

How to Kiss a Girl: Before the Kiss

Before you even think about kissing a girl, check the environment. Are you in a comfortable space where she feels safe with you? Is she laughing and in a good mood? Are things between you and her light and positive? If yes, then the time is right. If not, wait. If she’s not ready or it’s too much of a public place or an unsafe place, it can ruin your kiss.

After you’ve determined that the setting is perfect for a kiss, make your move. Don’t ever ask her if she wants to be kissed – that’s not how to kiss a girl in a way that she’ll be impressed. Don’t try to explain your actions by saying things like, “I really like you a lot…” Just go and kiss her.

How to Kiss a Girl: During the Kiss

Okay, so you’re bringing your lips closer and closer to her lips. You’re actually doing it – but then what? Learning how to kiss a girl means to learn how to build anticipation.

First, start out very slowly. Kiss her very lightly and softly. Then try to follow her lead – if she gets into the kiss, go along with her. If she keeps on kissing you softly, do that. But then you have to pull back to build her excitement. Ease into an easy, light conversation with her. She’ll be thinking about that soft kiss and wanting you to kiss her again. Go ahead and go back to her lips, still slowly and gently this time, but just a little more deeper. Keep on following her lead. Then pull back again.

Is this really how to kiss a girl – by pulling back again and again? Yes. This is a good way to build up anticipation on her part and she will keep on wanting you to kiss her again. Many men go for the kill when they kiss – sloppily and fast. This is not a good way how to kiss a girl. The girl will pull back and you never want that.

You want her to want more, to the point where she will make her move and kiss you more deeply and harder. When she does that, follow her lead, but be sure to pull back from time to time to make her go crazy.

If you’re doing everything right and she’s into you, you might move into the french kiss. Here are some techniques that you can try to help you learn how to kiss a girl. You could try holding her face. Sucking on her lips is another way how to kiss a girl, but not all girls like this. Be gentle when you do this and if she does it back to your lips, she likes it. Brush your fingers through her hair and squeeze her ribs.

Let her take the lead in the intensity of the kiss and then surprise her with smooth moves – that’s how to kiss a girl.

How to Kiss a Girl: After the Kiss

After all the kissing, one of these two things will happen. You both will stop kissing and the night will end. Or the kissing will move on to other more fun things.

If the night is not ending, there’s loads of other places on her body that you can kiss as well. Move slowly and make sure that she’s not pulling back at any time. Try kissing her neck, her chin, and behind her ears. Be careful to not move too fast. Stay on these safe areas until she makes a move to take off your shirt or to kiss you on other places on your body. Keep checking her body language to figure out how far you can go.

Knowing how to kiss a girl can land you more dates and lead your relationship with a girl to a higher level. Plan your dates for the best setting for a kiss. Always mirror what the girl is doing when you’re kissing. After the kissing, either make plans for future dates or move on to other activities, depending on her lead. That’s how to kiss a girl in a way that makes her want you more. Now that you know how to kiss a girl, you’re ready for the next step – actually kissing a girl. Go and do it.

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