How to Ask A Girl Out: 5 Rules that EVERY Girl Wants YOU To Know

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The rules: how to ask a girl outFiguring out how to ask a girl out can be a very nerve-wracking experience for any guy. Learn how to ask a girl out and you’ll become a little more confident and you’ll start getting dates. Just remember these five rules of how to ask a girl out and you’ll be well on your way to dating as many girls as you like.

How to Ask a Girl Out Rule #1: Don’t call her immediately.

After you’ve gotten her  number, don’t call her right away. Wait one or two days before dialing her number. When you do call her, don’t bring up going on a date with her at first. Keep it short, be casual, and make a few jokes.

However, don’t wait too long before calling her. If you wait too long, it becomes rude. If you only wait a day or two, she’ll be thinking about you before you call but she won’t be angry with you. That’s the key to how to ask a girl out.

How to Ask a Girl Out Rule #2: Don’t ask her for a date.

Saying something like, “Will you go on a date with me?” or even “Will you go out for dinner with me?” is not appealing to a woman. For one, it’s been done. It’s boring. The girl has probably been asked out in the exact same way a million times. And it’s just awkward answering that question, so oftentimes a girl will be vague and say, “Oh, maybe, I’m not sure…”

When you ask a vague and boring question (without a set date or plans), you get a vague and boring answer.

Right, so how the hell do you get her to go on a date with you, WITHOUT you asking for her to go on a date?


Tell her that you’re planning on going to doing something and you thought of her and wanted to see if she wanted to join you. If she doesn’t, you’ll do the activity anyway. It can be as simple as catching the latest foreign film or going to see the comedian who’s in town.

This is a good way how to ask a girl out because it shows her that you have an active and exciting life and it makes her want to know you better.

How to Ask a Girl Out Rule #3: Make your date to ask a girl out and have fun

Simple dates are good, but make sure that they are fun and exciting. Dinner sounds boring, but saying something like, “I heard that the local sushi restaurant got a new chef and he’s one of the ten top young chefs in America – I’m going to check his food out,” sounds so much more interesting. Other ideas for fun and casual dates include physical activities such as kayaking or mini-golf or a scenic bike ride, as well as spectator activities like watching a baseball game or checking out a local parade. Think of different fun date ideas to help you learn how to ask a girl out.

How to Ask a Girl Out Rule #4: Tell her, don’t ask her.

People like to be told what to do. It makes life easier for them and they don’t have to make a decision. This is still true when you ask a girl out. Instead of saying, “Can we go on a date?” – tell her, “I’ll pick you up at 7.” You’ve already made the decision for her and you have taken all the control. It makes it very easy for the girl to simply say, “Sure.” Yes, it’s really that simple. Try it. Don’t overthink about how to ask a girl out – just make plans for her.

How to Ask a Girl Out Rule #5: Convince her.

Girls have been drilled in their heads from a very young age that playing hard to get is the right way to get a guy. If she hesitates and says, “Oh, I’m not sure… “ she might just be making you work harder. That’s fine. Then it’s your job to convince her. I said convince, NOT BEG. Don’t say, “Oh, please, say yes.” Say something like how fun it’s going to be and she’ll miss out if she says no. You can tease her a little bit – “What, you don’t know how to have fun and blow off steam? You need me to teach you how.” That’s how to ask a girl out and close the deal.

Confidence and self-assurance are very important when asking out a girl. If you’re unsure, obviously nervous, and acting weak, a girl will not be interested in dating you. Following these five important rules will help you understand how to ask a girl out. They will also get you results, which will immediately increase your confidence levels. Practice how to ask a girl out and try these five rules the next time you meet a pretty girl.

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