Do You Want to Learn How to Get Laid Tonight? Try These NAUGHTY Tricks!

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How to get laid, one night stand, booty callSometimes you just need to get laid. Of course, the BEST way to learn how to get laid is to learn how to get a girl firsthow to ask her out, how to have a relationship, and so on. Then you’ll get regular, meaningful sex, which is better than any one night stand. However, if you just want a one night stand with no expectations, read on to learn how to get laid tonight.

First of all, you need to lower your standards. Not every girl is up for an one-night stand. An older woman might be your best luck tonight, or a girl with low self-esteem. If you’re just looking to get laid, there’s no need to have a set of expectations. What is the point of having standards when you’re just looking to get off? Don’t worry about how she looks and what her personality is like. You want to know how to get laid? Go for a girl who’s less hot than you and who might have lots of experience with one night stands.

You could call up a girl who you know is already interested in you. This might sound especially mean, but if you make it clear to her what your expectations are, chances are that she’ll still be up for it and you get what you want. You could ask her to go on a simple date with you, such as getting a cup of coffee, and then ask her to your place. If she’s into you, she’ll go along with you. It’s a risky way how to get laid, though. She could have hopes that things will go further between you and her. If you don’t want to risk this, don’t try this method of how to get laid.

What about an ex-girlfriend? This could be an easy way how to get laid, especially if she’s still single. Call her and reminisce on your good times together and ask if she’d like to meet you for a drink. After a few drinks, invite her to your place. She might be into the idea of a comfortable one night stand with someone she’s been with. And there’ll be no awkward encounters in the morning – as long as you’ve made your expectations clear. If you and your ex-girlfriend are still on good terms and a bit flirty, this is probably your best chance how to get laid tonight.

You could go to a bar when it’s really late, like at 1 AM, and have a drink with a woman who’s still there and alone. She’s probablyone night stand, booty call, get laid, how to get laid looking for a night stand as well. Strike up a conversation with her, buy her a few drinks, and take her back to your place. Be sure to not make it too obvious that you’re looking for an one night stand, however. She doesn’t want to be made to feel like a prostitute. Treat her well and listen to whatever she has to say. Let her take the lead. This is a good way how to get laid if you have absolutely no expectations for how she looks like or what her personality is like. You never know what you’ll get in that dark, deserted bar.

Another good way how to get laid is to call up someone who you know will be up for a booty call, but make it enticing by telling her that you guys will go out for something fun in the morning, like brunch or a trip to the beach. That way, you get laid and she gets something out of it – a fun day. This is a way how to get laid only if you already know someone who’s up for booty calls. Don’t try this trick of how to get laid on some random chick that you don’t know that well – it could backfire on you. If you treat your booty calls well, they will probably be happy to continue to be someone that you can call. Do it right, you’ll never wonder how to get laid. You’ll have a phone number ready to call anytime you feel like it.

If all these options don’t sound appealing to you, you probably shouldn’t be reading an article on how to get laid. Learn how to get a girl, how to get a date, and how to get a girlfriend instead of worrying about how to get laid. Change your perspective on dating – look at it as a way to meet a nice girl rather than a way to have sex. With a girlfriend or a sexual partner, you won’t need to worry about how to get laid. She’ll be there for you, willing and ready.

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