20 FUN and Creative Ways to Ask a Girl Out

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20 fun and creative ways to ask a girl outYou’ve been dreaming about going out with a girl for what seems like forever now. You’ve been trying to work up the courage, trying to find the perfect way to ask her out so that she’s bound to say “yes!”.

At one time in our history it was easy to ask a girl out. You would simply approach the girl’s father and ask for his permission to court her. Time have changed, however. Nowadays, in order to make a good first impression with a girl, you have to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes just asking isn’t enough.  And pick up lines don’t often achieve the desired result.

In order to get that coveted first date you have to be creative. You have to show her that you put some time and effort into asking her if she wants to go out with you. Chances are if you pleasantly surprise her she’s more likely to give you the answer you’ve been waiting for. By the way, this list isn’t all that comprehensive, I recommend you check out this site also for awesome information: http://macklifestyle.com/

Luckily, I’ve compiled a list here of the top twenty creative ways to ask a girl out

  1. The Puzzle Approach. Why not try making a puzzle with “will you go out with me?” written on it, and having her put it together. If you want to add some extra creativity, design the puzzle yourself using a foam sheet and decorate with our own artwork.
  2. Build-a-Bear. Visit the local build-a-bear workshop and make her a customized stuffed animal. Give it the accesories you know she’ll like. Be sure to include a voice recording of you asking her out when you’re stuffing it.
  3. YouTube. Make a video of you asking her out and post it on youtube. If you really want to get her attention, dress up in a silly outfit or get others to participate in the video with you.
  4. The t-shirt. Buy a plain white shirt and write “if you wash this shirt you’ll know who would like to go out with you.” Then, write a handful of names all over the shirt, writing yours in permanent marker amongst the others. After she washes only your name will remain.
  5. Scavenger Hunt. Leave her little clues in various places, each of them hinting at the location of the next clue. Then, at the end of the hunt, she’ll find you waiting to ask her out (with flowers in your hand, of course).
  6. Doorstep Gifts. Leave a little gift on her doorstep several days in a row, with little notes counting down to build the excitement. Then, on the final day, have the final present be a box filled with some candies and a note asking her out.
  7. The Ice Note. Drill a small hole in the middle of a block of ice and place a rolled up note asking her out in it. Then pour a bit of water back into the whole and freeze it again. Leave it in a bucket at her front door. When it thaws out she’ll read your message.
  8. The Photo Ask. Purchase a cheap camera and take pictures of yourself holding up cards spelling out “will-you-go-out-with-me?”. Next, send you the camera with some money to get the pictures developed or include a memory card in the camera for her view them on her computer.
  9. The Fortune Cookie. Get a fortune cookie and put your own message asking her out inside of it by steaming it. When she cracks it open to see her fortune she’ll find your personalized touch instead.
  10. The Remote Control Car/Plane. Borrow or buy a remote control car or plane. Tape the note asking her out to it and then go to where you know she’s going to be and drive/fly it over to her.
  11. Balloons. Get a bunch of balloons and place parts of the message asking her out in each balloon before inflating them. Deliver them to her house or leave them for her at work/school and when she pops them she’ll find your notes.
  12. A Crossword Puzzle. Draw up your own personalized crossword puzzle. Set it up so that, when she’s finished it, your name will be visible.
  13. The Walkie-Talkie. This trick was seen in the movie Hitch. Visit her at school or work and bring someone else with you. Have the other person bring a walkie-talkie into her within a box. When she’s opened it up, ask her out via the walkie-talkie, and then send your friend in once more to give her something that goes along with the date you’ve planned (such as a ticket to the movie you’ll be seeing).
  14. Easter Egg Hunt. This is a cute, creative way to ask a girl out even if its nowhere near Easter time. Place letters from your name in several different plastic Easter eggs. Hide the eggs throughout her front yard, then knock on her front door, after leaving her a note explaining that she should go on an Easter egg hunt to find out who wants to go out with her.
  15.  The Cake. Bake her a cake or buy a pre-made one at the store. Write “will you go out with me?” in icing across it. Hand deliver it to her house inside of a box and lift the lid when she answers the door.
  16. The CD. Even though CD’s are a dying music medium, they are still a creative way to ask a girl out. Simply record some of her favorite songs or songs that remind you of her, record yourself asking her out at the end of it.
  17. Get a Pinata.  Buy a pinata and place candy and a message asking her out inside of it. Leave it somewhere where you know she’ll find it with a stick and a note telling her to break it open.
  18. Hershey’s Kisses. Leave her a trail of Kisses that start at her front door and lead to somewhere quiet and secluded. Be waiting for her at the spot and ask her if she’ll do you the honor of going on a date with her.
  19. The Marquee. Go to a movie theater and ask the management if they’ll let you put a message up on the marquee in front. If they agree, put up a message asking her out. Leave a note where she’ll find it, telling her to go to the movies, where she’ll see your question and her name in lights. Make sure you’re standing under the sign when she gets there, with two tickets to the new romantic comedy that’s playing.
  20. Origami. Make several origami cranes (or any origami shape of your choice) with the letters of your name written on a handful of them, leave them all on her front lawn, with a note taped her door that asks her to unfold the cranes to find out who wants to go out with her. When she finally unfolds each of the origami shapes and pieces them together to form your name, you’ll come out from your hiding spot and get your answer.

This should, hopefully, take some of the hassle out of finding the perfect way to ask a girl out. Good luck getting that first date. Now if you need help with picking up girls online, you might want to read this article about
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